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Up Close and Personal

Ky wouldnt let Devin kiss her on the cheek so he opted for the head.....( I know she has lost her

He's giving us that smoldering look here..=)

Devin and Ky Ky..

As fate would have it..
We met Devin again at the HOB show in Orlando in October..

He is one of the nicest people in the world..
I know he hung outside to sign, talk, draw on arms (lol), and just be with the fans for a good hour or two..

He never seems to stop amazing me..

The next day, we saw a crowd of people talking to someone through the fence backstage at the Y100 Wing Ding..
Why was I not surprised that it was Devin..
He was signing, taking pics of himself for them and just talking..

If anyone deserves happiness professionally and personally.
It is Devin..

He is truly an amazing individual..

Some guys have it and some dont..Devin definitely does!!!!!!!!

No can let your imagination go on this one..haha

I was talking to him and my sis snapped it when I was about to laugh...=(  But he still looks good..