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Chelle's Personal Pics

Devin, Chelle and Brad...

Rich and Chelle

Doing the hat thing!

Meet and Greet In Savannah...Poor Devin was sick...Brad has the pic above with us and they thought it was a great pic....

Hey All!

~Chelle here~

Just wanted to thank you all for stopping by my Devin site!

Devin is such a warm and caring person.. I realize he will not always remember every fan he meets but there is no question he leaves one BIG impression on all of us that are fortunate enough to spend a few minutes with him!

This is an About Me page that I thought needed some serious updating so here we are!

~~Scroll over the pics for my thoughts!~~

Dale Jr is THE MAN in Nascar!!

JT is just an amazing person! That face, enough said!  Best Wishes always to him & Brit, who I think Rocks too!

Much Love & Respect to Aj for facing his problems!  BSB Love Always!!!!

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